About Us

Our Story

Our story is a simple one. I have previously worked as a fitness trainer with passion and enthusiasm for my clients. Because of the lockdown of March 2020, the fitness industry took the biggest hit. Due to this, some of my colleagues and I were let off from our gym. Also, during this time many of my previous clients got in touch with me about how they missed their fitness routines and how it was affecting their health and wellness. Being aware that no fitness center or gym or any wellness centers were open I wanted to create the one thing which will solve everybody’s needs, the trainers who lost their job as well as the ones who wanted to work on their health and wellness. That is why I came up with StrongerMe which was a one-stop solution for all.

More About Us

StrongerMe is revolutionizing the fitness industry! We offer various services which range from fitness to wellness to healthier eating. We are a simplified and cumulative version of all your fitness needs. We provide qualified coaches, diet recipes, routine, live fitness studio and wellness goals. We will ensure that you have a comfortable journey towards fitness.

We understand it takes courage and determination when you’re about to embark on a journey of Healthy lifestyle. You’ll find us always by your side. We’re experienced, qualified, passionate and determined to help you for the better healthy and safe approach to getting fit, as it is an important element of good health. So, we offer the best of class coaches to make your journey smooth sailing.
No matter what your fitness goal is, whether it is to tone up, get healthy, lose weight, change your habits or even start a new diet, StrongerMe is your stop. It has a wide network of fitness enthusiasts who are attracted because of its easy and user-friendly approach to fitness and wellness.

How It Works

Every step you take is rewarded with StrongerMe coins. These StrongerMe coins can be used to redeem in-app purchases. For every 2000 Steps you take, you are awarded with 1 StrongerMe coin and because after 10000 Steps we are proud that you are awarding yourself a better healthy lifestyle, so we limit it to 10000 steps per day. And to make the journey a lot more fun, you get to invite your friends and earn 5 StrongerMe coins for first 50 referral entry.